Hello World!

Hello all!! Writing my first blog post and thinking about a suitable title for it. Went through many titles, but in the end decided to go with the one WordPress provides. The reason being it is in a way associated with me. So first things first, I am Dhruv, basically from Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India and currently staying in Pune, Maharashtra, India. An electronics engineer and did my masters in Embedded Systems. Right now I am working with an IT MNC. I think that’s enough for introduction! Now let’s come back to the reason for retaining the title of the first blog post. Being in the field of technology, you get to write a lot of code. And to write a single piece of code, you need to know a language (i.e. programming language). When you start to learn any language as a beginner, the first code they make you to write is to print a simple ‘Hello World!’ on the screen. That’s why the title.

Now, let me tell you something about what you will find here. By ‘here’, I mean on this blog. What you will find here basically are discussions. Discussions related to emotions, successes, failures, stories, sports, health etc. In short, we will all discuss about the various phases of life, emotions such as joy, sorrow etc., various experiences of life (good and bad) and each and every thing that affects the wonderful gift from God which we all have, that is, the LIFE!

I would like to make this an interactive blog and not a monologue. Let us all participate and share the experiences we all have had through the course of our lives. By doing that, you will not only share your emotions and feel relieved, your comment/story/experience may help someone else reading it to find answers to the nagging questions of his/her life.

So, let us all get started!!


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