On the way back from work today, I took the company bus as usual. There was a lot of traffic on road. A lot of buses, cars and two-wheelers had made it difficult to move forward for anyone. Everybody was waiting behind someone and they could move forward only when the vehicle preceding it moved. I was looking out of the window and suddenly saw a person on bicycle riding on the pathway created for pedestrians. The path was not smooth and had a lot of bumps and holes on it. The bicycle rider was finding it difficult to balance and was struggling to maintain pace. However, he was moving forward slowly. Just as I was seeing him struggle, a thought struck my mind. Is’nt the situation similar to the lives we live? If we follow the path that everyone is following, we will be able to reach only as far as others go. But if we choose the path drastically different from others, we will be able to reach farther. Had the cyclist given up seeing the bumpy road just at the start, he wouldn’t even have moved an inch! It takes will, confidence and conviction to make the decision to follow the heart and choose the path which we know will not be an easy one, but are sure which will definitely take us to the destination we aim for. It won’t be a smooth ride, but it will be a ride worth taking!!


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