Returning from the usual weekend wandering with a friend in a corporation bus today at around 7 pm, two people got into the bus just at the next bus stop. They sat at the seat just ahead of us. One of the two was drunk heavily. Not being aware of anything, the guy was speaking constantly, some times in Marathi and some times in Hindi. Shouting at people on road and singing songs so loudly that the jam-packed bus, full of all kinds of noises, couldn’t subdue his voice. We were in the bus for about an hour and a half and his blabbering continued till we got down from the bus. While observing this behavior a thought struck the mind as to why would people want to lose the control over their senses and their behavior. What would drive them to do so. Just as I was trying to find answer to this question, another thought occurred. If people in the bus couldn’t bear the guy for an hour, what would be the situation of thousands of women and children, whose husbands and fathers would come drunk each and every day and fight with them and practice violence. What would be their mental condition! Just a single observation led to a huge malice in the society which has its roots pretty deep inside. Let’s hope that this social disease affects as less people as possible!!


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