Men, we’ve got Competition!

Yesterday, there was a party thrown on behalf of people who are working from onsite location in the company I work for. Basically this means that funds for organizing the party were provided by folks working at the client location. There are two colleagues(read girls) working with me who, apart from doing the technical work, have additional responsibility of being ‘party anchors’ as we call them because they are responsible to bring cake on birthday of each individual in the team. And for a team comprising of 30 people, it should be a tedious job to remember everyone’s birthdays and to arrange cake and gather the whole team for celebrations. They do the job really well without fail.

Now the party that I went to yesterday was organized by one of the girls. Entire arrangement ranging from deciding the venue to arranging the transport to convincing each member to join was done by her. The venue had to be changed after consultation with team members and so she had to do the ‘venue’ part all over again. Arranging the transport and convincing the travels guy to drop everyone to their respective homes in the city was also done. The most difficult part of all this was to convince everyone to come to the party and making sure each individual in a team of 30 mattered. She managed this part nicely as well.

Observing this, I was thinking about the roles women have started playing today in the professional as well as social world. There was a time when women were deprived of their rights and had to do what men would dictate. Seeing the party organized in an awesome manner made me think the change that has come over the years in the mindsets of people and confidence that women of our society have got to lead fro the front. If I see around, in India, one of the largest public sector banks and one of the largest private banks have women as their CEOs. Indian government implemented a law which makes it compulsory for corporations to have at least one woman in their board of directors. Observing the way management was done, I got the answer as to why this law was introduced.

This inspirational event is another proof of the incredible ability of women to lead and to manage. There still remains a major work to be done in rural as well as urban mindsets, I think it is in vain to wait for ‘achhe din’ (good days), as they have already arrived as far as women as leaders is concerned!

So, men, brace up!! We’ve got competition and a serious one at that!!



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