We’ve got an unpayable debt impending on us!

Four friends, Ultimate Optimist(UO), Passive Pessimist(PP), Regularly Confused(RC) and Mad At My Girlfriend(MAMG), worked in an industry which is so tolerant that it accepts each and everyone with a passing certificate irrespective of the degree. So these four friends shared the same apartment. After a hard day at work, everyday, they gathered and talked about how the day went by. They would discuss various topics ranging from sports, politics and movies to the places to visit during the next vacation.

On a fine day, the discussion divulged into the topic of parents. Each was sharing his thought about the role of parents in their lives. Some were even debating whether there was any role at all. PP started the discussion on a dull note.

“I don’t think parents play any role in our lives at all. It is we who decide what to do, when to do and how to do it. They don’t have a say in what we do with our lives.”

“How can you say that?” asked UO.

“What do they do? They take care of us until we are not capable enough to do it ourselves. That’s it! At most, they stay up all night. No big deal. I also stay up the whole night quite often.”

“There’s a difference! You stay up the whole night to party or to play games and they stayed up all night because you were not in a mood to sleep as you had it in the afternoon when they were working. You refused to go to bed and so they also didn’t, even after a tiring day at the office. What say RC?”

“Are yaar don’t ask me. What rubbish topic you’ve chosen tonight!Everything is going like a bouncer over my head right now. I just want good food and I can cook it now and that’s it for me!” came RC’s reply.

“Food! You call that burnt chapatti and this aloo sabzi without any masala food!??! hahaha………… Even they are not boiled properly!!” everyone burst out laughing.

RC got saddened. “Yeah…… may be mom’s food was the best. Really missing it right now! Let me see whether there are any train tickets available to my hometown. I just need to go there and have a feeling of home.”

“They worry so much for us unnecessarily. They keep calling for each and every little thing. Have you eaten? How is your health? Don’t do this, don’t do that! Now I have stopped picking up the phone. I pick up only once when they call me three times. I rather call me girlfriend 4-5 times a day. That is life! Parents calling us is so boring….!” MAMG claimed

UO cut MAMG short “Boss, I have a simple thing to say about it. You call your girlfriend to make her feel that you care for her, the authenticity of which cannot be confirmed; while your parents genuinely care for you, that’s why they call, and the authenticity of it cannot be questioned. It’s as simple as that.”

The conversation went on for quite a bit and after it, all four of them went to bed thinking about what their parents mean to them and what little and subtle things that their parents do which make them special.

What are the things that make your parents special? Haven’t thought about it? Now is the best time to do it!! Get started! And once you have thought about those subtle things, don’t forget to mention them in the comments!

After all, we’ve an impending debt, of our parents, to have brought us in this world and protected us from all the evil things and taught us to identify the good and the bad and made us what we are today in life, which is unpayable!!




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