Unity! What bird is that?

Employees are provided with whiteboards at their desks by the company I work for. Usually there is a quote written on the whiteboard that I have at my desk. The first thing I do every Monday after reaching the office is to remove the quote written last Monday and write a new one. That quote stays there for a week and the next Monday, it is time for a new one. I discuss in brief about the quote with some of the colleagues and tell them a story or an incident regarding the quote and share with them how I got to know or read about the quote. The quote for last week was “Forgiveness is not approving what happened; it is choosing to rise above it!!”

I didn’t know while writing it on the board that this quote would be so  meaningful for the week.  Incidents during the week made me think about what the real meaning of unity is. It made me wonder what is it that makes many people working together towards a common goal call themselves a “team”. The first and the most recent citing of a team that came to my mind was of a group of birds flying in the sky yesterday evening. They were flying gracefully in the sky forming different patterns. It was pleasing to the eye. The reason for it to look so pretty was that each and every bird was playing its part to perfection.  Had any one of the birds strayed away from the formation, the beauty of it would have been diminished.

Another real life example I instantly recollected was that of food we eat. If we are eating curry and it is very delicious, we say the curry is  delicious. We don’t say that sugar in the curry was excellent, or the spices that were added were perfect. Each and every ingredient added in the curry has its own distinct taste, smell and necessity. If added in the appropriate quantity, they can do wonders together. It is the combination of all the ingredients which makes the curry what it is.

It is obvious that no two persons are the same. Each has its own distinct thinking and beliefs, which make a distinct personality. So differences of opinions are bound to happen when many people are working together. These differences are to be celebrated, not fought over. They are to be resolved, not surrendered to.

All these thoughts came together when I spent a whole day with children celebrating an event. Children came from different backgrounds and upbringing. But they never took much time to jell with one another and started playing like they know each other for a very long time. They got along with each other very well. If children can do so so easily, why do we go one step further and two steps back to communicate? Why don’t we pour our hearts out? Why do we hesitate?

Today, on Monday, as I proceed to remove the quote written exactly a week ago, I still find it very relevant. Some dark and some faded words still read “Forgiveness is not approving what happened; it is choosing to rise above it!!”


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