New year resolution? I want to make mistakes!!

While discussing about the new year resolution with colleagues, I remembered reading a fantastic resolution last year. Maybe it was a post by Elon Musk, but I am not very sure about the writer of it. It written crisply and I still remember the context of the post. I thought about it and decided that I should have the same resolution this coming year. The resolution goes something like this.

This coming year, I want to make mistakes. Yes, you read it right! I want to make as many mistakes as I possibly can. But the condition is that all of them should be new mistakes. I don’t want to repeat the mistakes I did the last year. I want to avoid them and make newer ones. Because it is the only way I can learn newer things. It is the only way I can learn what to do when I am in a spot of bother. It will teach me how to respond to various situations in life. The mistakes that I have already committed during the past year have taught me many awesome things and I want to keep those learnings in mind. I don’t want to travel on the same path that led me to commit the mistakes. Making newer mistakes will surely pull me back a bit, but I understand that the pullback will be temporary. It will be the same pullback that an arrow gets before being released towards its target. It will be the same pullback which gives the arrow the velocity and momentum which drives it towards achieving its purpose.

Making newer mistakes will enable me to experience the unknown and alien situations which I have never faced in life as yet.So, with that, I wish all of you a very happy new year and wish you to make as many mistakes as you can!!


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