Little Honesty, Large Impact!!

Eating outside is one of the things that you get as a result of staying away from home. As I am staying away from my hometown, I, along with my friend go out for dinner everyday. Many bachelors stay in the area where we have rented the apartment as the area is near to various industries. As a result, many food joints have flourished in the area and on the main street, there are many such food stalls adjacent to each other.

Yesterday, we had gone to one such food joint where there are other stalls very near to it. The situation is such that while having an item from one stall, you can simultaneously order another one from the adjacent stall. We were having methi parathas and my friend suggested we should order some sweet from the nearby stall. So we ordered gulab jamuns (a famous sweet in India). The vendor served us and we completed our meal. We paid to the vendor and started walking towards our apartment.

After reaching the house, I suddenly remembered that we had made payment to the methi paratha vendor, but forgotten to pay to the gulab jamun vendor. So I went back to pay him. As I reached there, I told him that we had ordered gulab jamun from him and I need to pay him. He had completely forgotten about the whole thing, but I still paid him. As I started walking back, I overheard the person saying something to his partner, ” bahut achhe customer hai. varna kaun aise waapis aata hai!” ( he is a good customer. No one comes back for the payment nowadays!)

When I looked at him, I could really see in his eyes that he was touched by this act of honesty. On the way back to the apartment, I started thinking about how the vendor will be impacted with this experience and what the power of honesty can do. From now on, there will always be this experience of honesty in his mind that will keep reminding him of not to cheat. Even if he wanted to cheat a customer next time, this experience will make him think twice before acting. Whether to cheat or let go of the greed depends entirely on him and the circumstances he is in, but he will surely be reminded of this episode and that is what the achievement of the power of honesty will be!!

We all are sent on the earth to play the roles defined for us. But while playing the characters written for us, we sometimes get too much involved with the character and start getting off course. This creates imbalance and the play is spoilt as the person portraying the character does not stay true to the writing.

We can just imagine the miracles that can be achieved if we stay true to our character, and most importantly, to ourselves!!





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