No Good People Around? Really!!??!! Develop an eye for it!!

A few days ago, I was having a discussion with colleagues about miracles. The topic was whether miracles happen in real life at all. I was in agreement that miracles do happen. The point I tried to put forth was that miracles keep happening, it’s just that we need to develop an eye to identify them. Things seem that they happened naturally and we get along with the happenings. But if we try and look for some unusualness in them, we will surely find out that the events that seemed natural, aren’t really. There are some inexplicable elements in the happening of the event.

After returning home, the phrase “need to develop an eye” remained in my mind and I thought about the things we need to develop an eye for. I thought about the most menacing thing a person faces and finds the toughest to develop an eye for. Then the sentence “There aren’t many good people left on earth now!” came to mind. All of us, at different times in our lives and in different situations, have either said or heard the sentence. So to find out whether it is really true or not, I did a mental exercise and I recommend you all to do it once you have gone though the post.

The exercise is very simple. Try to remember people you have come in contact with from your childhood till now. Then, out of the whole lot, identify those with whom you were close. Your friends, family members, neighbours etc. When you do this, you will find that all the people you were or are close to, aren’t drastically different from you. Let’s say if you don’t consume alcohol, you would mostly remain surrounded by people who themselves don’t consume it. There will be exceptions I am sure, but those people would not be so close to you as the people who are like you. Similarly, consuming alcohol is what you love, you will definitely be close to people who love it as well. Try to find out whether this is true in your case or not. And don’t forget to comment your findings!!

Now, if you are done with the exercise, you would have identified people who were or are close to you and are not poles apart from you in terms of habits and behaviour. So, naturally, you have grown fond of them and they are “good people” to you. They may or may not be good for others, but they are, for you. In the same manner, you would be in the category of “good people” for someone else. And if you observe closely, you have always been surrounded by such “good people” since the time you were a toddler, when you went to school, to college, or in your professional life.

So, you don’t need to go find good people, you just need to identify them. They have always been and currently are around you! What you need to do is just develop an eye for it!!




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