That moment of courage!!

Till now, I have been writing the blog posts inspired by  some events which have occurred or people whom I have met in real life. But this post is different as it is not inspired by a real life happening or person, but by a song. Yes, you read it right. This one is loosely inspired by a song that I was listening yesterday.

‘Phir le aaya dil’ is a song from a Bollywood film named ‘Barfi’. It is a beautiful film about the life of its protagonist who is deaf and dumb. Now I happen to have three versions of the same song, one original, second it’s reprised version and the third sung by a female singer. The reason of having so many versions of the same song is my passion for drumming and interest in learning variety of music.

The song tells us to go for the things that we have left behind in our lives. A beautiful song with awesome lyrics, superb composition and equally well sung. Listening to the song I thought of such things as described in the song. And I found out that there can be many such things. The things that were left unfinished, the goodbyes that weren’t wished, the thankyous that weren’t said, the apologies that weren’t asked and the apologies that weren’t accepted.

There would be many more such things in each and every one of our lives. In our quiet times with our own selves, we think that of such things of past. “Had I said this thing to him/her, the result would have been different.” or “Had I accepted the offer at that time, my life would be completely different than it is now.” or “Had I said a yes/no to the person at the right time, the situation would have been different now.” or “Had I been honest and accepted my mistake, the relationship could have been saved.” or “Had I not said to him/her this thing, we would be on talking terms now.”

There are many such things that we wish we had done or said but we never did. Those could have changed the course of our lives or would have made a significant impact on our current status of life. We need to understand that it is very normal for us or for the people around us to make mistakes. As they say, ‘To err is human’. But what is important is to be at peace with it when you make mistakes and more importantly when others make mistakes. And it takes a lot of courage to accept them first to our own self and then to the people we care for.

It actually takes a lot of guts to say the thing that you want to. The heat starts beating faster, palms become sweaty and the sanity and thinking capability of mind goes for a toss. But it is this moment that if you maintain your composure and face the signs of nervousness and say the thing which matters to the person who matters, will change the course of your life. If you miss the moment, what you say will not be that impactful. And if you are able to do it, then you would be left with no regrets to repent on. But to find the courage at the right time to say the right thing to the right person is extremely difficult and it takes a lot to speak your heart out.

So whenever you get confused so as to go for it or not, dare. Dare to say the truth, dare to say what you really feel and dare to say it at the right time, because it is this moment of courage which will shape your destiny and the way you live your live your life!!


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