Little Acts, Large Imp’acts’

In our lives, we come across situations in which small things leave a lasting impression on our minds. Someone uttering some words about us, little praises, little taunts,  a wink of an eye, a smile, someone arguing in your favour etc are such things which aren’t very significant, but they are the ones which have a long lasting impact. So let me share with you all such three incidents which I experienced over the past few days. They aren’t very significant as such, but they made me realise three very beautiful things about life. All the three incidents took place at different places.

The first incident took place at the house that I am living in. For drinking water, we buy water bottles of 20 litres each from a shop nearby. When one bottle finishes, ine if the flatmates tells the shop owner and he comes with the filled bottle and takes away the empty bottle with him. He is a middle-aged man having a family of four comprising of his wife and two daughters. Every time the bottle is empty, we have been telling the same person for refilling and this has been going on for more than a year now. So for the payment, we have now started maintaining a notebook in which we write the date on which a new bottle was brought. At the end of each month, we tally the number of bottles  with him and make payment accordingly. This time around, there was a mismatch in the number of bottles. We were having a count of 20 while his was 19. He had come to our house for the payment. We told him that it is okay that either he or us would have made a mistakein calculation. We told him to take the payment of 20 bottles. We paid him the amount as per 20 bottles.But he insisted on getting to the cause of this, so after a long deliberation, he took our notebook with him and told us that he will return it the next day. The next day he came with the notebook and a big smile on his face and told us that we had by mistake written the same bottle twice and the total was 19 as per his calculation. And then he dlsaid something which I still remember. He said “Saab, humko mehnat ka paisa hi jamta hai. Bina mehnat ka jitna bhi ho, humein nahi chahiye.” (Sir, we want money which is earned from our hard work. We don’t want money however large the sum may be, which not earned by putting our sweat and blood in it.)

The second incident took place when I, along with my friend, was having dinner at a nearby place. It is a very small place of the size of a small kitchen. They have placed tables and chairs outside, on the footpath for customers to sit have have their meal. We ordered our food and were eating, when a little boy came to ask us about if we need anything else. He asked us with a very innocent smile, “khaana kaisa bana hai bhaiya?”(How is the food?) I instinctively smiled at him and said “bahut badhiya!“(Very nice!) On hearing this, there was a broad smile on his face from one end to the other. They say that if you smile genuinely, your eyes and smile with your face, and I saw that innocent and genuine smile in the little boy’s eyes that I still remember.

The third incident took place today at my workplace. It was my birthday today and I had brought chocolates for my colleagues. At the end of the day, there were 5 of them left in the box. I took three for my flatmates and there were still two left. Then I thought whom should I give those? Everyone in the office had already taken and no one was left. Then suddenly I realised that not everybody in the office had taken the chocolates. I went outside the working area. We have security personnel who work in two shifts. So I thought it was perfectly planned by someone up there in the skies to have left two of the chocolates. Also the time at which I came out, it was the time when the shifts change, and as luck would have it, security personnel of both the shifts,  a lady and a gentleman, were there. I offered them the chocolates, they wished me and I came back. In the evening after returning home, I usually walk for about half an hour. While walking, I was thinking about the day went by. Then I thought that the two chocolates that were left in the end were destined to go to them. First impact was the smile that came on their faces hearing about my birthday and the fact that I was giving them chocolates. The second impact would be that both of them will take those chocolates to their homes and tell their family members about someone working in the company giving chocolates to them. The feel-good feeling that the family members will experience will be the second impact. The third and the most important impact will be when the kids in the house will be given the chocolates and the joy it will bring to them that their papa/ mama have brought chocolate for them. That will be the ultimate and most powerful impact bringing joy to the kids.

Thus, these three not-so-significant instances have proved that honesty, happiness and joy, the three very important things in life can be achieved through little acts. Such little acts, do make large impacts!!


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