There Is Still Some Goodness Left!!

I have a habit of being aware of the current happenings around the world and that is one of the reasons I like to participate in various competitions. Recently I participated in such a competition, which was an inter-corporate quiz. I qualified the first round, went through to the city round and won the city round as well. Now I was to represent the company I work for in the national finale.

It was a team event and the team size was of two people. The venue for the finals was about 250 km away from where I live. So I travelled to the venue with my teammate. We were taken to the venue at around 2 pm and we’re made to be seated in the open in the scorching summer heat. There were about 64 people of 32 teams from all over the country. There were dancers doing their rehearsal for their performance on stage. It went on for about 2 hours and after that, a group of drummers started practising. It went on for 1 more hour and the participants started panicking out of sheer stress of travelling, no proper arrangements for seating, no water to drink and the chaos all around.

It took a worse turn when some of the senior participants started opposing and questioning each and every thing the organisers were telling us. There is a WhatsApp group created by the organisers comprising of all the 32 teams from the country. People started posting negative comments on the group about lack of facilities, sheer chaos and what not. Some even told everyone to boycott the event as well.

Now the event went ahead and we were in the final round of the national finals. At the end, the team which was declared winners wasn’t actually the winners. What happened was that each teams was keeping the tab on the scores as the quiz went ahead. Now as per the calculation, team B was the winner, but the organisers goofed up the score calculation and declared team A as the winner. Now team A politely told the host and the scores about the mistake they have made in the calculation. Now what happens next is really interesting.

Team A, who were declared the winners, were also calculating the scores as the quiz went ahead. Now as per their scoring also, team B was winner of the competition. They, by themselves, went to the scorers and host and explained them what went wrong and that team A were the actual winners. In the end, everything was sorted out and team B was adjudged the winners.

After the prize distribution ceremony, the CEO of the organising company came on stage and started talking about the journey. He said that they were a startup which was started 5 years back and this was their first attempt at organising and event in such a grand scale. He apologised to everyone for the discomfort caused during the whole event and asked their genuine feedbacks on the mic in front of live audience and around 8000 more people watching it through various media. He was honest to point that he was about to declare the scoring good up in front of the audience, but the host of the event stopped him telling that the thing was sorted out. He told everyone that he had nothing to hide from the audience and the organising team will surely learn from their mistakes.

Being a co-founder of a startup myself, I felt for him as I know how difficult it is to start a startup. Just imagine the hard work he and his team would have put in that it took them 5 years of planning and organising an event of such a scale. The event was over and everyone went to their respective hotel rooms. When I turned the internet in my phone on and went to the WhatsApp group which was abusing the organisers, I was pleasantly surprised to see that they were all praising the team for their efforts and hardwork. The organisers asked suggestions from the participants to improve the event next year and many participants agreed to volunteer for the cause.

Now there are two things to note in this whole experience. One is the sportsmanship of team A and the other the honesty of the CEO of the organising company. They say that honesty is the best policy and I saw the power of being true to the people around, true to your team and being true to yourself! It has powers to change opinions drastically and the powers to command immense respect! The participants who were once lamenting, volunteered to help the team put up a better show next time around was just because of the brutal honesty displayed by the team. Thus, as the title goes, it is not all that bad; there is still some goodness left around you!!


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