A Year of Blogging!!

It has been exactly a year since I wrote the first blog on WordPress. I still remember the afternoon of 15th June 2015. I had been writing lengthy posts on Facebook and many of my friends were suggesting me to start a blog. Finally on that day I signed up on WordPress and started writing. I still remember exactly a year ago on this very date, it was a bit cloudy and I had no work to do(I was on bench for 5 months prior to that and it was also a big factor in me signing up for Blogging!). So thus began the journey of blogging.

During the year, I went on to have various experiences and kept learning from each of them. Along with learning,I kept on writing about them and making the world know what I have learnt, and, in a way, keeping a record of the things I have experienced because after many years, when you look back and try to go through what all you have done in your life, you have photos, Facebook status, tags etc which tell you how well you have lived your life physically. But this blog, which is, and will be a collection of experiences and learnings from these experiences, will tell me after many years the experiences I have gone through and lessons I have learnt from them.

This blog has been about observing life as it is and learning the most from whatever life throws at us. Yesterday I saw the movie ‘X-Men: Days of Future Past’. There are some beautiful lines in the movie which I want to share and end the anniversary blog. In the movie, the protagonist goes into the past to change it so that he can save the future. Now in the movie, at a juncture, someone tells the protagonist that whatsoever we may do, we cannot change the future. It is like a current of a stream. Whatever you do, it just makes a ripple in the flow of the stream. The stream will eventually correct itself. There will be no effect of the ripple. The future will take its course. The future is already set. At the end of the movie, when the protagonist succeeds in changing the past and by that the future, there are some lines which can be heard in the background. They say that you must try. You must try to create ripples in the stream, however small they may be. You must keep making the efforts, because the future is never really set. So with these wonderful lines, keep trying, keep making the move, keep your struggles on, don’t give up, because you never know, when the tides of the time will turn! 

A happy anniversary to all readers and cheers to life!!


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