She conquered the world with a plastic spoon. We should too!

This blog is about observing life as it comes and taking something out of every experience that we have. This one happened 2 or 3 weeks back and I haven’t been able to write about it for some or the other reason. But here I am, writing about this one and what it infers as I think of it.

I work in an industry where Saturdays and Sundays are off and people get to relax for two days. So on these two days, I, along with my friend, go at a place famous for breakfasts in our area. It is about 20 minutes walk from where we stay. So we go by foot and have breakfast and tea. Now on this very Saturday that I am talking about, we went there and were having our breakfast. Just then we saw that a mother and daughter were also there having their breakfast. The daughter would be around 3 or 4 years old. As they took the breakfast and sat there, the mother realized that they haven’t brought the spoon. So she told the daughter to go and get it from the vendor. The little girl went there and asked for the spoon. The vendor gave her two plastic spoons. Now as soon as she got the spoons, she was so delighted that she grabbed the spoons and started running towards her mother with a very big smile, a laughter, rather.

The joy that she derived just from accomplishing this seemingly small task of bringing spoon from the vendor was as if she had conquered the whole world with those spoons! She ran with a spring towards her mother. Now as I was witnessing this, a thought occurred to me that isn’t this the way to lead our lives? Hasn’t the little girl of age 3 shown us the way we should lead our lives?

We generally think of happiness as something we will get if we get something big done. It may be achieving a milestone at work, getting a thing we love, getting a promotion, a pay hike, a perfect boyfriend/girlfriend/husband/wife etc. But if you observe, the joy that we derive from these big achievements is temporary. After getting the things we want, we shift our attention to the next milestone and keep looking towards getting it. So the thing that we thought would give us the ultimate happiness hasn’t actually delivered it. The means to find that happiness has changed soon after we have achieved the milestone that we set for ourselves.

What this little girl teaches us is that we should derive joy from the little things that we accomplish. You helped your colleague in work and s/he was able to solve a problem s/he was facing, be happy. You talked politely and respectfully with security guards, maids and all the people who indirectly work for you, be happy. You had a wonderful day at office and had a lot of fun chatting with your colleagues, be happy. Someone broke the news about his/her engagement/marriage/birth of a child, be happy. You come to know of a noble deed by someone, be happy. A little girl/boy gave you one of the most innocent of smiles, be happy.

I think we should learn to derive happiness from the small little things that keep happening around us. Most of the time we keep complaining about the negative things that happen with or around us. So majority of our time and focus throughout the day gets spent on the unwanted and negative things. So ultimately, we keep procrastinating our happiness. We should instead focus our energy and concentration on the positive things and enlarge them irrespective of how small they seem. This will prevent us from procrastinating our happiness and slowly help us in seeing the positive side in every situation.

So, as the girl virtually conquered the whole world with plastic spoons, we should also try to do the same at every opportunity we get!!


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