Are We Saying enough “Thank You”s?

Today there was a felicitation ceremony organised in the company I work for. I was to be felicitated along with the other 50-60 people(Well, when company boasts of a massive 200,000 people as it’s workforce, to be among 60 seems as achievement🙂). The ceremony was about to start and everyone was seating on chairs arranged meticulously to be aligned with the tables in front of them. As usual, I was observing the surroundings and got curious on seeing some people who were attending the ceremony.

Now let’s rewind the time by about 20 days. The campus had a rather unusual look to it. There were cartoons painted on the walls, streets within the campus were filled with various stalls. Each stall had a unique activity to be done. But the activities were not the usual ones. They were designed specifically keeping in mind the kids that were to come along with their parents. The parents were the employees of the organisation. It was a Petit Day celebration. I was part of one of the groups which were involved in organising some of the activities. The event was successful and it received extremely positive feedback from all the guests who were there. Now let’s come back to today morning. The ceremony was to felicitate all the volunteers who made the event successful.

After some thanksgiving, the hosts started announcing names of volunteers and each volunteer was given certificate for the contribution. After the names of all the volunteers were called, the hosts started calling out names of people from facilities department, securities department, catering department. To my amusement, the cheers to these people were more pronounced and were kept on for the highest duration.

I have been volunteering for quite some time now for various causes and been to many such events, but this was the first time I saw something like this. It made me think what aren’t we doing it on each occasion? Why is it that everyone was surprised to see them? Why aren’t we doing it more often? If you carefully see, these are the people who stay behind the scenes and help the people in the front to execute the plans. Yet, these are the people who are almost always forgotten when it comes to showing the gratitude.

Whatever we do in our lives, however successful we become, whatever we achieve, there are always many more people contributing to it than we think.

Let me explain this with a simple example of going to the office in the morning and reaching on time. We get out of bed, turn the tap in the bathroom and water flows. It flows because someone filled the water tank either the previous day or that morning itself. We get ready and go for a breakfast nearby if staying away from family or have our breakfast at home itself. In both the cases, we were able to have our breakfast because someone got up in the morning earlier than us, git ready and prepared the breakfast for us to eat. After having breakfast, we go out and through some mode of transport reach the office. Now, if you use any public transport or the transport facility provided by your company, in both the cases, you were able to catch the bus because someone got up way earlier than you, got ready and was to his work on time to make you reach your workplace on time. This just one example. If carefully observe, each and every thing you do involves contribution of many other people who silently do their work perfectly so that you can do your work efficiently.

We need to be grateful to all these people. We may be saying thank you to our colleagues, family members and friends countless times, but we most often miss out on these people. Try to spare some time to say “Thank You” with a big smile. Those people don’t want anything. They don’t even expect anything out of us, but it is our duty to appreciate those because of whom we are able to perform our duties smoothly. It won’t take more than 30 seconds of your precious time to say “Thank You”. So after reading this, let’s all be more grateful and ask ourselves the following question:

Are we saying enough “Thank You”s to the people who deserve it?



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