Can We Be Like Her?

I stay away from my home due to the location of the organisation I work for. I went to my home 2-3 weeks back. It was a long weekend and I had taken a day’s leave to extend the holidays. On one of the days, I visited my native place along with my family. We have an ancestral house there. Now because of urbanization and more opportunities being available for jobs in the bigger towns, the rural area is slowly being deserted due to the migration of young people towards the cities.

Still, in our neighborhood there, a family lives in which there are two brothers, their wives, their children and their grandchildren.They have a shop in the village that they run. So we went there in the morning and as our own house was closed for many months, we went to their house. They welcomed us and we all were seated in the drawing room. They served us refreshments and the elders got involved in some discussion. The hosts have a granddaughter and a grandson. The granddaughter is about 4 years old and the grandson is about 6 months old. As elders got engaged in some discussion, I started to look around the house which is built  entirely out of wood.

As I was looking around, my sister started talking with the granddaughter. She introduced herself and asked her name. Then I went on to have a look at our own house and when I came back, I saw them both playing like they are friends for quite some time. An instant thought struck me at that time. For the little girl, we all were strangers. She had met us for the first time in her life. She didn’t know who we were and what we were doing. After all this, she greeted us with a big smile as soon as she saw us. She also got acquainted with us and started playing with my sister. All this came to her very naturally.

As we move ahead in our lives, we also happen to meet many people. Some are known to us, but most are strangers. Are we as welcoming as the little girl? Do we greet people every time we meet them with a big smile? Do we trust people? Do we have an attitude that makes people talk to us freely without hesitating? There are people who don’t even greet their co-workers with a smile every morning with whom they are spending most of the time of their day. There is an awkward silence at many places and in many situations. Are we the first to break the silence? Are we the first to initiate a conversation?

Most of the time when we talk with someone, we are in a hurry to make an image of the person in our minds. We are in a hurry to form a bias towards a person. We want to judge people as soon as we come in contact with them. But as the little girl did, don’t judge. Accept the people as they are and try to find the best in them.

So the question we need to ask ourselves is : Can we be like her?


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