We’ve got an unpayable debt impending on us!

Four friends, Ultimate Optimist(UO), Passive Pessimist(PP), Regularly Confused(RC) and Mad At My Girlfriend(MAMG), worked in an industry which is so tolerant that it accepts each and everyone with a passing certificate irrespective of the degree. So these four friends shared the same apartment. After a hard day at work, everyday, they gathered and talked about how the day went by. They would discuss various topics ranging… Continue reading We’ve got an unpayable debt impending on us!

Men, we’ve got Competition!

Yesterday, there was a party thrown on behalf of people who are working from onsite location in the company I work for. Basically this means that funds for organizing the party were provided by folks working at the client location. There are two colleagues(read girls) working with me who, apart from doing the technical work, have… Continue reading Men, we’ve got Competition!